A redesign of one of the UK’s best loved art titles, ahead of the Royal Academy of Arts’ 250th anniversary.  Read more

— The RA’s offer and character will evolve significantly in 2018, when it completes a major redevelopment in time for its 250th anniversary. In light of this, we were commissioned to work closely with their publications team to ensure one of the institutions most important connections with its Friends and donors was refreshed to reflect this.

We introduced new page sizes and paper stocks to bring a fresh feel to the publication and to enhance the overall quality. The shorter, uncoated pink pages for the new ‘RA Life’ section add tactile variation. This, coupled with a new layout approach to present more engagingly curated content, helps readers easily access important RA events information, one of the key objectives of the brief.

— New sections include the artist-focussed ‘Artist View’, reflective of the Royal Academy’s identity as an artist-run institution. These sections and the retained but reinvigorated longer read features make use of a brand new typographic palette. This was carefully selected to enable the magazine to sit comfortably alongside other RA communications whilst simultaneously establishing its own voice and beautifully complementing a wide range of imagery.

— Photography: Cover; Dan Budnik (1958), ‘In the studio’ portrait; David Vintiner. Illustration; Yukai Du.

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Discipline • Editorial design